We provide full diagnostic evaluation and treatment of all cardiovascular conditions, and combine integrative with traditional approaches. The goal is to engage you, our patient, in setting yourself on a path to optimal energy and function for life.

Considering a whole person in a context of their life, habits, beliefs, likes and dislikes is beneficial in every cardiac condition. There are so many opportunities: from prevention at the cellular level to a full spectrum of nutritional, exercise and behavioral intervention. Contact Us for more information.

A Detailed History Intake

During your initial consultation, we will focus on the problems at hand. A thorough history intake relevant to your issues will include clinical information and dietary, behavioral and fitness assessment questionnaires. The questionnaires are available on the Patient Questionnaires page, so feel free to fill out online or print and fill out before your appointment. After your initial visit, we will continue to gather this relevant information at your regularly scheduled follow up appointments.

Review of Records & Tests

If you had prior testing, blood work or cardiac work up, we can review and perform an interpretation of those results prior to your visit. So please provide your cardiology records prior to your initial appointment, using our patient portal. Our patient coordinator is available to assist you as needed.

Physical Exam, ECG, & Initial Recommendation

During the initial evaluation, you will have a comprehensive physical exam and Electrocardiogram. You will receive a recommendation tailored to your specific situation that may include further testing, treatments with medical foods, supplements, or medications, and lifestyle interventions.


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Integrative Heart and Vascular Care

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Dr. Jason Reingold, MD, FACC
Holistic Heart and Vascular Care