The goal of diagnostic testing is to evaluate vital functions of the heart, assess risk, and find the most appropriate treatment. You will always know why and how the tests are done, whether they are appropriate, and the outcome expected. We perform a full range of laboratory tests and non-invasive cardiac imaging tests as well as specialized functional medicine tests.

Most Common Cardiac Tests

During your consultation, Dr. Druz and her team will discuss if any cardiac testing is needed. You can expect to be informed as to the possible tests result, and what it may mean for you in terms of your treatment.

Cardiac testing provides an opportunity to evaluate your heart structure and function. Using echocardiogram, we can visualize heart valves, heart inner and outer linings, large blood vessels such as aorta, and estimate heart muscle function. Using treadmill exercise stress allows to observe how blood pressure and heart rate vary with stress, and detect exercise-induced arrythmias. Exercise stress test may be combined with an ultrasound of the heart (stress echocardiogram) performed at peak exercise for additional information about variability in heart muscle function at stress. Information from exercise ECG and stress echocardiogram is useful in determining if blockages (coronary stenosis) are impeding blood flow to the heart muscle.

Specialized Cardiac Tests

Some of our patients are advised to undergo a stress test that evaluates heart muscle blood flow using small doses of radioactive materials, commonly referred to as nuclear cardiology stress tests. Dr. Druz has partnered up with a state-of-the art facility utilizing PET (positron emission tomography) scanning. As a recognized national and international expert, and a thought leader in nuclear cardiology, Dr. Druz prefers PET scanning to minimize radiation exposure to her patients while achieving the most accurate results.

Early Detection of Heart Disease

Early signs of heart disease are not easily identifiable with the most common or even specialized cardiac tests, such as an echocardiogram or stress testing. Blockages in the coronary arteries (the vessels that feed the heart) can be identified early on with more sensitive testing, such as coronary artery calcium score (CT heart) or measurements of blood vessel abilities to dilate (testing for evaluation of the endothelium, an inner lining of the blood vessels).

Laboratory & Functional Medicine Tests

We perform a full range of standard and advanced laboratory testing in-office and through free-standing facilities in the area. Our personalized tests include advanced lipid and inflammatory markers, metabolic and nutritional assessments, genetic testing, testing for toxins and heavy metal exposures, and extensive panels for hormone testing. Please, contact us for more information, or for test instructions.

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