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We are living in the most exciting times in medicine! Rapid advances in genomic science and technology bring about unprecedented opportunities. Our FIT in Your GENES® program offers the most up-to-date personalized genetic and metabolic profile to help you achieve weight loss, blood pressure control, improvement in blood glucose and cholesterol. It is an anti-inflammatory and an anti-aging program that sets you on the path to optimal wellness and longevity.

FIT In Your GENES® Heartwell

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The FIT in Your GENES® Heartwell program is designed for patients with any forms of heart and vascular disease, or those with cardiac risk factors. The goal of the program is optimization of metabolic functions that in many patients, when imbalanced, lead to inflammation-induced vascular damage. The program aims to achieve stabilization of heart disease, by reducing the risk of first or subsequent cardiac or vascular event, and normalize blood pressure, hormone levels, glucose and cholesterol, while driving a decrease in inflammation. Weight loss, decreased reliance or discontinuation of medications, improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol, improvements in symptoms of angina, palpitations and heart failure, increased energy and vitality are the usual outcomes of the program. Program includes testing for a variety of genetic and inflammatory markers, including genes governing methylation, detoxification, and response to medications. An advanced lipid and inflammatory markers as well as vascular reactivity testing is provided at regular intervals.

The FIT in Your GENES® Heartwell program is 6-12 months in duration, and is physician-supervised. It builds on functional or integrative cardiac care or genomic consults by providing structured physician and nutritional support, personalized guidance on nutraceuticals, and stress resiliency behavior training. The goal of the program is to provide objective improvement in clinical status, body composition, and inflammatory and nutritional markers. Overall program efficacy is approximately 90%. Individual results may vary. Please contact us for more information, or to discuss program selection.

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