FIT in Your GENES® Weighless

//FIT in Your GENES® Weighless

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We are living in the most exciting times in medicine! Rapid advances in genomic science and technology bring about unprecedented opportunities. Our FIT in Your GENES® program offers the most up-to-date personalized genetic and metabolic profile to help you achieve weight loss, blood pressure control, improvement in blood glucose and cholesterol. It is an anti-inflammatory and an anti-aging program that sets you on the path to optimal wellness and longevity.

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FIT In Your GENES® Weighless

A Revolutionary Approach to Weight Loss

The FIT in Your GENES® Weighless is 6-12 months program conducted under physician supervision. The program builds on the functional medicine or genomic consults by providing structured physician and holistic nutritional visits, support for detoxification, and ongoing personalized nutraceuticals and supplement plan. Daily meal selection support is provided through email and electronic visits. The goal of the program is to enable at least 10% of the pre-program weight loss, while restoring metabolism, wellness and vitality. Overall program efficacy is approximately 70-80%. Individual results may vary.

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