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Our Programs Will Lead You in the Right Direction

We are living in the most exciting times in medicine! Rapid advances in genomic science and technology bring about unprecedented opportunities. Our FIT in Your GENES® program offers the most up-to-date personalized genetic and metabolic profile to help you achieve weight loss, blood pressure control, improvement in blood glucose and cholesterol. It is an anti-inflammatory and an anti-aging program that sets you on the path to optimal wellness and longevity.

FIT In Your GENES® Heartwell

FIT In Your GENES® Weightless

FIT In Your GENES® Hormonicity

Group Classes

Our group programs bring an innovative format to enable participants to address their needs in hormone balancing, heart health optimization, weight loss and stress reduction.

Group programs are offered in-person and virtually. A variety of tests may be required prior to the class initiation sequence:

  • Blood tests for inflammation markers and/or hormones
  • Saliva and/or urine hormonal testing
  • Stool testing
  • Toxic screen (urine)

To find out more about group programs, please schedule a chat with our Patient Coordinator.

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